Wheelchair Rental
Located at the Security Office. For more information, call (479) 452-7230.


Located at Center Court against the column near Rogers Jewelers,  and in the food court across from Victoria’s Secret .

Located next to restrooms near JCPenney and outside the West Entry.

Mall Walker Information
Doors are open at 6am Mon – Sat; 8:30am Sunday.  One time around the mall is approximately 3/4 of a mile, excluding the food court. Click here to sign up for the Central Mall Walking Club!

Codes of Conduct
In order to provide a safe, secure and pleasant shopping environment, Central Mall requests your cooperation in complying with the following rules:

  • No smoking or vaping in the interior common areas, corridors, and within 25 feet of entries.
  • No disorderly or disruptive conduct of any nature, including the use of obscene or insulting language/gestures, loitering, running, yelling, throwing objects or littering.
  • No fighting, harassment, offending others or provoking confrontations will be tolerated.
  • No weapons permitted.
  • No skates, skateboards or “hover boards”.
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic or illegal substances is prohibited
  • No animals, except for registered aid animals, such as seeing eye dogs.
  • In order to distribute literature, items for sale, solicit signatures, conduct surveys, videotape, or photograph you must first get permission from the management office.
  • Please dress appropriately and observe all health codes and local laws.
  • Observe all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.

Lost & Found
Please contact Security at (479) 452-7230 for lost/found items or complete the online form.